Monday, April 4, 2011


Ive been having a hard time getting back on track with my computer sites and groups. I have a savinbgs website I havent even really looked at since I got home. Some of the regular people I talk to will probably think Ive died, LMFAO!
Scotty the crazy Golden Retriever is finally booked to get castrated in the hope the removal of his testosterone producing nuggets will calm him somewhat.

We nearly had us a fairly bad incident the other day when some old guy's dog ran up to us because it was unleashed.
I stood between them and got a little nip for my trouble.
The plan is to give him a week afterwards then start taking him to where there are a lot of dogs, all the time and get him assimilated.
I now have a money plan. I needed one so desperately, Im starting to blow off work coz I dont have to go, and Ive been spending money like it's water.

Not good.

My plan will NEED me to work the full 8 shifts/fortnight most of the time.

I also have plans to get solar hot water and panels for the house. Im just hoping that i havent left it so late that I wont be able to get in before the government rebates finish.

It means about a 10k difference and will be the difference between being able to do it or not.
Once the new laws are through, tho, there will be no more installation of non solar hot water. None, nada. So once our old HWS packs it in.. no cheap solar either.

The govt is planning on having us by the short and curlies.
I think it's unfair to remove the rebates if it's so damn important to have it in that you cant have any other. for shame, aussie govt. for shame.

Going back to Townsville will be an expensive exercise! we want to do some renovations to make the house more livable. Ive put up with it the way it is for a long time.
It needs to be made beautiful. it needs air conditioning throughout. it needs an ensuite! it needs a carport. it needs a shed.
Big dollars!

Also, Bill and I have decided to buy a second house. In case I die before he does, he needs somewhere to live. Or sell to buy somewhere to live.
My house will go to Harley, but then Bill has nothing.

I told him Harley would have to let him live there but hes not for that at all.
So.. we decided that the second house would be the go.
What he doesnt know is Im going to open an extra savings account and siphon money from our account into it, and Im going to open another one for holidays.
I dont even think he will notice the money going ;)

When the time comes he will have a savings history and a hefty balance. Ill put his name on it when needed, after he knows. Having a holiday account will be great too.
No debt after a big holiday? Hell yeah!

I want to be saving about 500/fn myself, so I need to work. Having a reason really helps.

Ive started to ebay stuff i dont need anymore. I dont expect to be making big dollars, but getting rid of stuff to people who want it is good.
The cats are a lot more settled than they were. Ive been using the feliway diffuser, its a synthesised cat pheremone thats meant to make them chilled out.

Good for stressful situations, which in our case is too many cats.

They are playing much more nicely already, and all three cats ate in the kitchen tonight. amazing.
anyway.. on to the survey!

Last thing you said: "That was a nice thing of him to do"

Last thing someone said to you: "Yeah, its good"

Last person you saw: Bill

Last movie you watched: Some weird ass German psyco thriller.. cant remember the name

Last show you watched: Actually watched? The biggest loser. Undercover Boss, American is on right now. (we have an Aussie one here too)

Last book you read: Actually read all of?? LOL not sure. I start a lot of books I dont finish. Last one I started was "the four hour working week."

Last thing you ate: soup and toast

Last thing you drank: Water

Last time you brushed your hair: 1pm this arvo. its 1940 now.

Last time you changed your clothes: When I finally had a shower and got dressed, about 1pm

Last time you were hurt: I dont really remember, the last time I remember really hurting myself (apart from the bloody ongoing mouth ulcers I have from chewing nicotine gum, and the incessant joint pain I have)
I stubbed my toe on Gina's coffee table. That made me  wordless. You can tell it really hurts when I cant speak, LOL

Last time you were scared: two nights ago when I thought a patient was going to arrest on me

Last time you laughed: not certain, but I laugh at something at least daily.

Last time you slept: I got up at 10am

Last call you made: I called the vet this afternoon to arrange Scotty's surgery

Last call you received: Bill checking we didnt need anything from the shop

Last email you sent: One to Bill about the honorary Mess member's dinner. (the mess has retired military that are honorary members)

Last email you received: An ebay email.

Last time you went outside: I came back from walking the dog about 510pm

Last time you looked in the mirror: last time I went to the loo. The ensuite mirror is huge, LOL, theres no escape

Last time you did laundry: Last week. Bill usually does it. I only do it if he's away or theres something I want specially washed

Last time you wrote something down on paper: Today, I wrote the buyer's addresses and what they bought to go to the post office and send my ebay sales away

Last time you saw your siblings: a few months ago, but not all of them. The last time we were in the same place together was Dad's funeral.
The last time we were ALL together was 17 years ago. A couple of us went interstate, since then the other one that went interstate has died.

Last time you stayed up late: I dont often go to bed before midnight.

Last time you used chapstick: dont remember

Last time you printed something out: Before I went to Brisbane I printed off my flight itineraries.

Last thing you wrote online, not counting this survey: a message to Megan on facebook

Last thing you thought about before bed last night: that I should really start going to bed earlier than I have been, that it would mean that I want to go to work more!

Last person you missed: My Dad. I was thinking about him a bit today. I keep forgetting he's died.

Last song you listened to: "hello hello" by the Cat Empire was on my MP3 in the car when I pulled up outside this arvo. (arvo= afternoon for the non aussie)

Last time you cried: I dont know. its been a little while

Last sporting event you watched: The Aussie Rules Grand Final last year. My team was in it, they havent won a final in my lifetime.. and it was a hotly contested DRAW!!! they lost in the rematch that I didnt watch a week later

Last time you had fast food: when I was away. I dont eat much fast food. I even had meat! oops. LOL

Last song you sang to: Polyester girl.

Last dream you had:Something weird and disjointed. It may have even had Dad in it.

Last medication you took: Pain killers for said joint pain.

Last time you exercised: today I walked the dog

Last thing you bought:  A garden cart so I can do more weeding without having to lug the pulled weeds and garden clippings by hand


Sounds: TV is on, cat just chirruped at me, laundry just finished.

Drink: nothing right now

Food: Nothing, thinking about making dinner. not sure what!

Clothes: Jeans, black floaty cardigan, sheer paisley top and long sleeved t under.

Mood: Happy, mellow

Wonder: If Ill be able to get the solar hot water and power sorted on the house ok

Wallpaper: On my phone? Flames. On my computer? Dad and Harley pulling matching faces in an unposed pic.

Windows open: bloop, ebay, facebook, blogger, OD,online bank x2, cascom (rostering for work), hotmail.

Annoyance:sore hands, wondering how much longer this will take..LOL. computer is slow, need to restart it soon.

What time is it? 2015


1 hour ago: cruising ebay

2 hours ago: calling about dog's appointment

12 hours ago: sleeping

yesterday: eating dinner

Last week: probably wasting time on the computer!

and thats a wrap!

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