Thursday, April 14, 2011

April already? Really?

Well... how about that? I realised how far along the year already was seeing as Bill is talking about ANZAC day already and where he has to be.
ANZAC day is in remembrance of Australian and New Zealand troops, at Galipoli, and a big deal over here.
Bill will be going to a country town and inspecting all the veterans, which he's never had to do before.
He thinks it's rather weird...LOL. He will do it tho.

As far as we can tell, it's going to be another year here. Ho hum! It's alright tho, I like the work. It's not too hard.
It will kill me going back to Qld after this.
Scotty the dog has been neutered and is doing well. He licked at it too much ( I didnt realise he was licking as much as he was, as he had the cone on some of the time, but would wait til I wasnt licking when it was off)
he gave himself an infection, so now has 10 days of antibiotics to finish, and has just finished 5 days of oral steriods, which has worked well.
Im going to wait a fair while before I take him back for the stitches out so he's well and truly healed.
I worked in a place that has oldies and palliative care in it for two shifts at the start of the week.
Two of the guys died, one each day, and it ended up making me cry about Dad.
Which wasnt a bad thing, coz I needed to. I had been putting it off for ages.
I miss the old bugger, I really do. Not how he was when he was sick, the real him.
I need to call his wife, see how she is. I called on the one year and she was busy.. but that was 2 months ago!
It's nearly his birthday, so Ill call soon.
alright... now for TMI stations... if you want to scroll down to comments nows the time....

ok, dont say you werent warned.

Im a week over my period due date. It can happen on occasion, but my body isnt even acting like it's thinking Im going to have one.
Ive been hungry. and my temperature guage is whacky. I feel warmer than it has been.
I told Bill Im either pregnant or perimenopausal. I dont know which would bother me more...LOL.
At 38 I didnt really want another child.. but I dont want to be on the edge of freaking menopause either!
He's has a vasectomy, and a good one.. they took 9cm out. That's nearly half of it. I guess it could have re formed...
he would be proud of himself if it had...LOL. Preliminary tests are negative but then again they were when I had Harley, too.

We will see.

anyway.. with that there's not a lot more to say!

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