Sunday, March 27, 2011

this n that

Ive been a busy little monkey. Just spent the week in Brisvegas, (Brisbane for those not in the know)
Bill's stepmother remarried, at Calounra. We wanted to show her support as we were very happy for her.
Its a big thing to remarry and have the stepkids support her.
The new husband is a lovely guy, and they are like 2 little love birds, pecking at each other all the time.
It was delightful.

In a TMI moment, we were shagging like newlyweds at the hotel. No idea what that was all about, but it was great. Some really good sex, too.
Would actually like to get a decent sex life going, its good fun ;)

After that we made our way to Brissy, we caught up with friends of ours, then on to Gene's place to Bill could catch everyone before he went back.
I stayed with Genes and family the week, and she was a ripper host. She seems to instinctively know the balance between chattiness and quiet, and its nice and comfortable, like Ive been friends with her for years, which I have, but it feels even longer.
I always feel so spoilt there..haha I even had my own bathroom ;)
It was really lovely having the time with the kids too.
Zavian is nearly enough to make me clucky. Only nearly.
He's so warm and sweet and snuggly, it was a joy to cuddle him.
Lex was so cute, too, and I think we made good friends in the week.
Ty is always such a gentleman to me, he's considerate towards me and we can always freely chat easily. Its a good place to be.

I caught up with an old Townsy friend, Marie.. who wanted to talk about herself all night, LOL!

I also caught up with Donna, which I always love. Donna and I had a really relaxed day wandering in the shops, and she took me to the eco shop near her house.
I bought soap nuts, and have used them on my clothes and report a good result. I also picked up a few other bits and bobs, including going back the next day for a citrus bathsalts that Donna had bought that smelled divine!
Donna is one of those people I dont catch nearly enough online, but when we do catch up its great, and I loved seeing her.

I decided to have the weekend home with Bill. He slept like shit all week, I think he missed me.
He's certainly slept since I got home.

The posting orders are still a 50/50. IF we go back to Townsville, the house is in for a massive change.
We will install an ensuite and walk in robe, we will a/c it, we will reno the bathroom, we will tile the floors in the whole house, we will reno the kitchen.put in wardrobes. put in a carport and entertainment area, and we will build a room for the outside laundry.
we've spent all day kicking ideas around, and Ive been getting his opinion on a few things, like what bath he wants.
He takes regular baths so it matters to him more.

I expect all this will cost around 50-60 k. value add to house? 200k. value add to our lives? priceless
If Bill goes overseas we will pay it all off, no problems.
even if he doesnt, we may well knuckle down and kick through it pretty quickly.

Bill, if anything, is more excited regarding living back there than I am, and I just find that hilarious. its the funniest thing ever.
hes so sweet.
his idea re the laundry is just gold, between that and gyprocking in the next area we will gain a fair bit of space and functionality. exciting stuff.
anyway, its dreams right now.

apart from that, back to work tomorrow. I wont get a great deal of moneys this fortnight, I worked a whole day, but I loved taking it off.

Ive been arguing with my nephew on facebook regarding hospitals. hes crapping on about stuff he doesnt understand but he thinks he does. hes really just a dopey dude with an even dopier wife who makes him feel smart.
lucky I love him anyway ;)

Mood. Ive come to realise, even more, how much my mood has affected how I think, how I feel, how I interact.
Im so glad that Im getting better and better. Its nice to finally feel human again.
To all depressed people, take hope. Dont discount drugs. they can work really well.. but honestly? I needed nearly 2 years of it till I felt really good.

in other matters.. we bought a baby gate. so I could have the dog upstairs without holding him on a lead, the cats can get out of the lounge and he can hang out with us, which he hardly gets to do inside.
The cats will be pissed, but that's life ;)
Im persisting with giving up smoking. It was good when I was away. Out of routine, its easier not to smoke.
Now Im home? Id love a cig, but Im resisting.
Bill loves that I no longer smell of cigs. Im missing it, and seriously considering ecigs. Not the nicotine ones, but just to do it.
then, i dont even want to revisit the whole process of inhaling and exhaling something.
Im a little worried it will make me want real ones.
so.. with that, thats a wrap ;) I have other things to waffle about, but really, its getting a bit long, LOL. catch u all on the flip side

Friday, March 4, 2011

its been a while, baby

well, its been a while. what can I tell you?
Ive decided to give up smoking.. finally. Im using patches and Im currently cutting down the cigs, Im on 18/day.
tomorrow is down to 15.
weather.. weather sucks, really. summer never did rear its head, with only a handful of days over 25c.. I really like summer weather so thats a shame
Ive got big plans for travel this year, Im heading to Brisbane in 2 weeks,
 Ill head to Townsville a couple of times, Perth once, Melbourne a few times, and we hope to do the great ocean road.
we were waiting for a spell of warm weather ;)
Brisbane is officially for Bill's stepmother's wedding, we will also catch Donna and Col, and of course Gina, Ty, Lexi and Zavian.
Perth will see me catching up with my neice and nephew.
one of the Townsvile visits will be to see the wedding of 2 of my lesbian friends. they are having a ceremony and singing a bunch of legal documents that give them the same legal bonds as any straight married couple.
most of my family and old friends are in Melbourne, its good to see them but it can be a trial getting around to everyone.
I wish more of them would come to mee!
works been good, Im enjoying being casual, and Im getting enough work.
so far the only weekend work I get is saturdays, maybe when Im home Ill put myself down for every saturday.
I love having extra days off, but I dont DO anything much with them.
thats a bit of a lie, last sunday we went to the shops, to the Fird museum, which was interesting, and to a market of vintage items.
I picked up some lovely cut glass and crystal items.
Cats are still awesome. Gypsy lends an air of mischeviousness to the house, shes still boinging around being silly.
shame she doesnt get along with the black cat, tiny.

Gypsy and big cat sneak kisses at times, if biggus and tiny werent so close, and tiny wasnt so close to me, I would send her up to Harley.
fluffy cat and tiny get along pretty well.
I think you did the right thing, tho Genes, she is crazy and would be jumping all over your 2 kids.
nursing wise, there is a real crackdown on continued learning, so there is a lot of workshops now available. we require 20 hours learning/year, called 20 CPD points.
I will be able to access plenty of online learning, and theres a few worshops Id love to go to, but too bad they are in the city, a good hour . and they cost $140 each.
Ive got Forrest Gump on the TV at the moment. its a sweet movie, tho its only on because there's nothing else, I am getting sucked back into it again.
what else? Im still steadily losing weight. Im back into a size 12 pant.. which is an American 10. I havemt worn anything smaller in some years, so we will see.
I have gotten back into my levi 501s that Bill brought me back from the US, which I didnt think I was going to be able to wear again, ever.
theyre barely worn- I got too fat for them quickly.
heres hoping I get to wear them a lot!
too bad I now have all these nice clothes that are now too big... haha
and with that, Im a goner!! see yas!