Tuesday, February 1, 2011

cyclones and travel

thought it was about time I updated.
Ive finally finished work, had myself available for only 2 shifts this week, but removed myself from both the day before, as I hadnt been offered any work.
my heart just wasnt in going in right now.
of course this means I wont be being paid, either...

this is something I cant afford to do all the time, but its my first week back casual, so.. I said fudge it!

Im heading to Mt Isa to see Harley on friday, which will be good as I havent seen him since last october! I know! such a long time.
hes more than over the whole thing, and I think my arrival will break up the last weeks of his placement nicely.
hes also been back to townsville for pleasure since the funeral and his GF's 21st.

after Mt Isa, I head into Townsville. Im eternally grateful my timing is what it is; right now there is a MONSTER cyclone (hurricane) headed for the north qld coast, heading in for just south of Cairns.
its big enough to make Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Tracey look like babies.
the area had a bad one just a few years ago, which is unpleasant.

this one was originally thought to be heading to Townsville, and I have to say Im grateful it isnt. no one wants one, no one deserves one.. but Im glad its staying away from where I have loved ones..
that being said, it will be still hairy in Towny, due to the sheer size of this one, its some ridiculous size and there is due to be destructive winds for a couple of hundred kilometres... and it will send gale force winds out for a few hundred more.

my ex and good friend, Keith, has secured the house and has taken the cat to his place.
 Tenille has left the house now, and the cat, which she has been feeding but I dont think she had any plans to take her anywhere.
he also took the ashes from Cat and Dax with him, so they would be ok.

I had a text telling me I had to evacuate my home, which is a bit scary.
there is a concern that the cyclone will bring a large storm surge with it, and my home is at risk of this.
Myself, I think it will stay dry- its ever so slightly higher than a lot of the land around it, tho it is on the start of the slope.
my back yard would definately be dry, LOL!!
maybe the house should have been set further back, its right at the front ;)

in other news- my vegetarianism has been a bit hit and miss at times. its something I feel I need to improve on, and in time I will bite the bullet and become vegan.
egg and dairy farming also has some questionable practices, and happy eggs are a bit better, but not really happy.
theres no mythical farm where old chooks and dairy cows go to live out their lives... and it nags at my conscience all the time
ill definately miss cream, yoghurt, milk and choc!
but ill feel better in myself.

what else? nothing exciting apart from a killer cold sore on the INSIDE of my lip... and i have a couple of mouth ulcers, from sharp teeth. my mouth is so sore and the ulcer gels sting like no bodies buisness.. as does some foods.
vegemite toast is a no go! owww!
and I woke up sorta screaming from a nightmare.
i woke Bill up, who woke me out of it by patting my arm and talking to me. I think i scared him.
i guess Im a little stressed by this freaking cyclone :P
and Im not even in the bloody thing.. sheeesh.

heres a link for those that are interested
and Ill leave you with that ;)